DIY: Hair Colouring with Liese Bubble

Having black hair growing from the roots just destroy your pretty hair colour. I get annoyed at it all the time plus visiting the salon to touch up the roots or do a hair colouring for long hair it’s not affordable at all and time consuming. So I always colour my hair at home the do it yourself way. However as my hair gets longer, it became harder to dye with the usual hair dyes as I’ve got to use a brush to make sure I touch up all the roots and the trouble of unable to reach the back of my hair.
So now I’m using Liese Bubble hair coloring which is super easy to use and all you need is just one pack and it could colour hair till shoulder length.
Liese bubble hair colour pack includes all these!
Solution 1 and 2, foamer cap, gloves, nourishing hair lotion and instructions for use.
Before you begin make sure you read all the instructions carefully before starting and you may want to prepare a few items like tissue, towel, newspapers, mirror, a clock, hair clips and face moisturizer.
I’ll highly recommend you to apply a layer of moisturizer all over your face and neck as this prevents the hair dye from staining onto your skin for easy removal later on.Do note that your hair should not be washed as hair dye worked better with unwashed hair at least a few hours after you’ve washed if your a person like me who wash my hair daily.
First prepare mixture before using, you got to pour Solution 1 into Solution bottle 2 gently.PS: I’m skipping the allergy test as I do not have any sensitive skin and I’ve previously coloured my hair so if you’ve got special skin condition and had never coloured your hair before do read the instructions on how to do an allergy test before you apply the hair dye foam onto your hair and head. 
Hair Colouring with Liese Bubble
After pouring cover it with the round white cap. As you are required to gently invert the container back and forth at a 180 degree angle until solution is well mixed (approximately 5 times). When shaking too hard, the mixture may failed to form bubble when dispense as form.
liese bubble hair colour diy
Next remove the white lid from the bottle and replace it with the foamer cap. Twist it until tightly sealed.
Prepare yourself, if you have a cape like me to cover your body or use a large towel as girls with long hair this is to prevent the hair dye from dropping onto your clothes or body. Put on your gloves and I’ve clipped my hair parting it into half so that I can apply all the foam onto the bottom part of my hair before I apply it on top so I don’t miss out the back part of my hair.Just gently squeeze the bottle from the mixture onto your palm with the gloves on and it will produce foam which you apply it all over on your hair and gently massage it once completed.
It’s just like shampoo actually, after you’ve certain that the mixture is all over on your head just gently massage so that it’s evenly distributed. Then wash your hands and remove the gloves.Wait for 30 minutes or maximum 40 minutes if your hair is thick and dark. The rise and wash with water while combing your hair with your fingers. Make sure when you wash your hair the hair dye does not enter your eyes, if it happens rise it with water immediately.After rising out all the mixture, shampoo your hair with colour shampoo and use the hair conditioner given inside the Liese pack it helps to moisturise your hair and lock those colours in.

And the end result here, a total of 50 minutes spent to give my hair a fresh look, instantly brighten up. For me, this hair dye is the best invention for females, it’s so easy to use and give you excellent result just like from a salon.I’m using Cassis Berry Liese colour. If you maintain your hair well, the colour should last up till 7 months. Of course you’ll have black hair roots on top but it still look good. I usually colour my hair at minimum 5 month once as I couldn’t stand the black roots long. To maintain my hair colour I use Loreal hair colouring shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.You can get Liese products and Bubble Hair Colour are available at local pharmacies like Watson and Guardian. Normal price is usually RM 38 or get it at a discount price at most is 10% or 20% off so is about RM 32 – RM 34 only.

Hope you find this DIY informative! Do share with me your experiencing using Liese.
I’ll be doing more DIY tutorials or tips on beauty stuff so stay tune.


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