Groupon Malaysia Intern Party 2013

It’s been a year plus since my internship at Groupon Malaysia. A surprise came through my mailbox 2 weeks ago, an invitation to Groupon Malaysia Intern Party. They were thoughtful to invite us alumni’s, it was wonderful to meet some of the grouponers and current interns at the Groupon Malaysia office – extended Black Box.

When you are in Groupon, it’s never boring! Last Friday, I was at the Groupon Malaysia Intern Party, there were activities and games lined up.

There will always be food in the office! Buffet line started building, we got to fill our stomaches before games and activity. It was an opportunity to fellowship and meet new and old interns too.

Groupon Malaysia Intern Party

There was two game challenges the first was a Office Family Fued, it’s a Q&A about facts/personality of Grouponers. I teamed up with Chon Giap and Kit-Yi, it was fun and quite easy as I have worked/chit-chat with some of the Grouponers during my internship last year so that came in handy. Best part, we got free scores as we were the slowest to raised our hands – whereby we couldn’t choose any option turns out those were the answers with the most points.

The other game was with hulla hoop, they have to move from one end to another without letting go of eachother hands, then roll over the hulla hoop and roll it back. Repeat process and the team who completes in the shortest time wins.

There were prizes for the winning team, we received Groupon merchandise. Awesome stuff.

Photo: with Bryan, as it was a Friday night some Grouponers were out and it’s great to bump into Bryan as he gave me a tour around the “upgraded Groupon office”.

Flashback… I recall, during my first week of interning in Groupon Malaysia where I blogged about my experience, it was a memorable Christmas. Well, somehow I was caught up with hectic schedule of enrolling to my degree, that the summary post of my 3 months internship experience slipped through. So I’ll take this opportunity to share my experience here. Better late than never as occasionally I do receive emails and FB messages asking how’s my internship experience with Groupon Malaysia.

Photo: with alumni intern, myself, Intan and Sarah. Photo-boomed by current Social Media intern, Ariff (hope I spell it correctly).

It’s been a short but sweet journey with Groupon Malaysia. As an intern in Groupon Malaysia, I was assigned to the Social Media department – it was my expertise and it was not randomly assigned so I’ve certainly enjoyed my internship experience for 3 months. My job scope as Social Media Specialist involves answering Facebook messages, comments, inquiries on Groupon deal page (fb comment plugin back then) and blogging. Together with a small team, we handle various social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook on a daily basis (more like hourly!). During festive seasons, we would come up with creative campaigns, Groupon values input from everyone so even though I’m an intern we do brainstorming session together. Some of the campaigns I was part of were Little TangLong (lantern) during Chinese New Year and Love Letter on Valentine’s Day.

I had the opportunity to recommend and spearhead the Groupon Malaysia Foursquare page where, we would write recommendations and share comments while building lists on merchant outlet. The reason was to leverage on location based services on nearby outlets that was featured on Groupon Malaysia. All in all, though social media was a field I consider myself familiar with, I still got to learn on the job after all everyday is a learning process.

    Groupon Malaysia Intern Party

Group photo: HK, Chon Giap, myself, Sarah and Intan

Photo Booth Groupon Malaysia Intern Party

This year’s batch of intern were truly blessed, they’ve got a Groupon Intern Award. Winner goes to Best Intern (Him) award, Olumide Lumi while Best Intern (Her) award, Sarah Shi Ming. There was a token of appreciation given out for the best intern alumni. Groupon Malaysia do appreciate interns and throughout my internship, I did not do any photocopying or coffee making.

Groupon was awarded with Glassdoor 2012 Best Place to Work.

Groupon Merchandise

It was a great night hanging out at Groupon Office, everyone got a customize Groupon Intern shirt for interns and alumni as door gift and Groupon merchandise that I won from the game session earlier.

You might be wondering so what does it takes to be a Groupon Malaysia Intern? First off, a great or outstanding personality with a good attitude will set you apart from other candidates. You should be a team player, with good communication skills, have an idea on what your skills are (there are various departments which requires various skills set depending on job scope). Then be prepare to impress the team and talk about your personality.

How to apply for a job at Groupon Malaysia?

Do your research on the opening positions, be it for internship position or full-time. For more information and criteria on how to apply visit

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