Happy Skin, Happy Face with Clinelle

What makes you happy? it could be a smile from someone who passes you by, hot chocolate with marshmallow on rainy days, a love letter, a shopping spree, or treating your skin well?

If you wanna be happy, then be! Especially, treating your skin well, after all it is the largest organ in our body. When your skin is happy, so would your face and you’ll instantly glow with joy.

I’ve got a confession to make, lately I’ve been having Happy Skin since using Clinelle products for the past two weeks. Results were proven instantly. My face was soft and tender, as my skin type is combination skin I felt less oily on my T-zone after usingClinelle full range of products.Here’s my key to happy skin!

Deep Cleansing Gel (normal to oily skin); cleanse, purify and protect. A gentle foamy cleanser that effectively cleanses without over-stripping skin’s natural moisture.

A good cleanser should be able to do more than just cleaning your face from dirt. It should be able to maintain skin moisture and balance it. Cleanse face with Clinelle Deep Cleansing Gel by gently massage in circular movements over face and neck then rinse with water.

Purifying Toner (normal to oily skin); purify, soothe and protect. A skin refining liquid with purifying, smoothing and protecting properties to help prepare cleansed skin for maximum moisture absorption.

After cleansing, followed by toning skin with Purifying Toner applying it onto face and neck using gentle upward strokes.

Moisture Glow (normal to oily skin); hydrates, firm and protect. A lightweight, oil-free moisturizer formulated for normal, oily and sensitive skin.

The final basic 3 steps of skin care regime we should practice is to end it with moisturizer. Apply onto cleansed and toned face and neck, using light, upwards movements.

We’re on our way to having happy skin and face but it doesn’t stop here after cleansing, toning and moisture. Before heading out you must protect your skin with SPF from harmful UV rays!

UV Defense SPF 28, White (for all skin types); soothe, hydrate and protect.

Formulated with the nourishing benefits of Red Algae (Chondrus Crispus) to soothe, moisturize, and restructure skin while micronized Titanium Dioxide and UVA/UVB filters act as SPF boosters, to shield skin from harmful UV rays.

Apply evenly on face and neck at least 30 minutesprior to sun exposure. Can be applied under make-up.Normally this would be our typical skin care basics. Some of us may have other skin concerns which we would use special products to cater for our needs.

Brightening Serum with Nano-C Bright (for all skin types); Reduce dark spots, hydrates and brighten.

As I’ve got a few dots of dark spots Clinelle had recommended me using Brightening serum. It’s a high performance skin brightening serum with clinically proven ingredients to brighten and even out skin tone.

Nano-C Bright, apply it onto targeted dark spots areas.

Now I’ve got Happy Skin and Happy Face, thanks toClinelle! Clinelle Deep Clensing Gel, Purifying Toner, Moisture Glow, UV Defense and Brightening Serum are dermatologist tested Envinix system frees skin from rapid environment aggressions. With safe ingredients and formulations, Clinelle professional products work effectively using RX3 Action to repair, refine, and reshield skin for clearly visible and long term results!Clinelle products are formulated with 6 Secrets to Happy Skin without artificial colouring, fragrance, comedogenic ingredients, lanolin, mineral oil and SD-alcohol.

Clinelle products are available at leading pharmacies stores like Watson, Guardian and Caring.

There are other range of products by Clinelle to cater for different skin types such as for oily or acne prone skin, dry skin types and sensitive skin types. Visit Clinelle.com for more info. Follow Clinelle on Facebook for more updates, skin care tips and goodies!


  1. says

    Hello Jo, for nano C bright you can apply the brightening serum then just pour small amount of the nano C powder onto your palms and tap it onto your face where there’s pigments spots. :)

  2. zaty says

    Hye the basic steps are cleansing, toning, moisturizing right ? When we have to apply uv defense . Brightening serum n nano c+?

    • says

      Hi Zaty, for daily routine cleansing start with the following:
      1. Cleansing
      2. Toning
      3. Serum
      4. Moisturising
      5. UV protection

      I only apply nano c+ at night after serum.

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