Keep Calm and Fill in the Blanks

We’ve all have this moment of, panic or stress… where we just needs a little reminder to keep calm. So here are a few suggestion from me.

Keep Calm and Forgive then Forget.

Easier said than done, but it takes time.

Keep Calm and Take A Nap.

When I’m lost in the middle of a crossroad, it’s best not to choose any path based on impulse where later you’ll regret. Just take a nap and rest, clear your mind and wake up then think again.

Keep Calm and Drink Cocoa.

Chocolate has a substance in them that helps you stay warm and calm. Opt for a hot cocoa instead of a beer/alcohol when your in a tense mood.

Keep Calm and Pray.

Pray to your own God. It’s wise to seek God’s advise as He sees things we don’t.

Keep Calm and Hug Fluffy.

Any stuff toys, bears, fluffy fur ball kitty or puppies. Hug them. But don’t squish them. ;)
Here are just some of my advise, would be great if you guys could share some of your “tips” when your tense, angry or didn’t know what to do (cross road moment) …etc. I believe all these emotions had been faced by everyone so it’s also a great initiative to promote the KEEP CALM campaign.

If you’ve notice these Keep Calm signs people created it’s actually an initiative started back in early 2009 the phenomenon that is ‘Keep Calm and Carry On‘ was in full swing for a good cause. Today, Keep Calm-o-matic is a Reincubate project. Reincubate accelerates growth of startup and entrepreneurial businesses – providing services and support from technology delivery to virtual CTO facilities.Generate your own Keep Calm banner here.

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